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Olive was born in Milford on 29th October 1917. She met Bertie in Milford when she was about 16 and got married when she was about 18. Olive and Bertie moved to Portsmouth soon after for work. Unfortunately, Olive had a number of miscarriages before she had Freddie. She came back to Milford when she was pregnant with Freddie to be nursed by Edith Rimmer, a midwife who successfully delivered him on 10th July 1940. Olive later married Frank. Bertie died in Portsmouth on ???. Olive died in Queen Alexandra hospital on 2nd January 1991.  She was 73 and is buried with Thelma in Kingston Cemetery, near to Nora, Patsy, Alf and Rosalyn.
Olive, 1917 - 1991
Olive lived at 326 Highbury Grove, 
Cosham, Portsmouth

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