About Patsy

Patsy was born in Milford in 1922. She met Alf in Milford, but she moved to Portsmouth when she was about 19. Alf eventually followed her,  they got married. and went on to have two children; Bobby who was born on 24th February 1948 and Rosalyn on 18th May 1952. Alf died in Queen Alexandra hospital, in 2000. Unfortunately, Rosalyn passed away in the same hospital less than a year later on Xmas day in 2001, she was just 49. Patsy also passed away when she was 87 in 2009, also at the QA hospital and just six weeks after Thelma passed. Patsy and Alf are buried together at Kingston Cemetery near to Rosalyn, Olive, Thelma and Nora.
Patsy, 1922 - 2009

Patsy lived at 43 Beaulieu Road, North-End, Portsmouth

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